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Holy week getaway in Valencia
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With the arrival of Holy Week in just the blink of an eye, Valencia invites you to discover its processions through the streets of the maritime district. It is time to go back to the beaches of "terreta" and enjoy the best sunny days with temperatures that normally exceed 20ºC. Travelling to Valencia means enjoying the typical rice dishes, cocas and the authentic horchata in the centre of the city or just a few meters from the sea. In today's post we tell you all the plans that the city has for urbanists, beachy people, and food or culture lovers, during Easter this coming April. Take note, "la terreta" and all its charms await you. You get excited, right?

Holy Week in Valencia is a door to the sea, history has made it so. The old fishing villages such as Grau, Cabanyal and Canyamelar celebrate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Considered a Festival of National Tourist Interest, it is the second for importance and roots of the city. Its origin dates back to the 15th-century in the customs of the old fishermen and, over the years, it has become one of the most original and authentic. It is a celebration that honors the particular traditions of this maritime neighbourhood and that has its most relevant moments in the Holy Thursday processions, with the visit to the holy monuments; Good Friday, with the general procession of the Holy Burial; and on Easter Sunday, with the Resurrection parade.

Very close to Valencia city you will find Hotel Bartos. Very familiar and with a strategic location, it will allow you to move quickly to all your favourite destinations. Over the years it has ceased to be just another hotel to become an emblem for all those guests seeking comfort, tranquility and, above all, responses and personalized treatment to find out the details of their stay, neighbouring towns where they can live a unique experience and know the last hour of the city.

Passion and faith on the shores of the Mediterranean

The three neighbourhoods where this religious festival is celebrated have lived closely linked to the sea and its future. One of the most exciting acts, on Good Friday, the great day of liturgical acts and processions, the Brotherhoods of Santísimo Cristo del Salvador and Santísimo Cristo del Salvador y del Amparo come to the promenade and begin an emotional pilgrimage on the sand until reaching the shore. There are many characteristics that make this festivity unique, but it is especially surprising how the figures leave the museums or parishes and are veiled and kept in private homes that open their doors to visitors.

The origins of this festival date back to the 15th-century and it is a unique adaptation of the typical rites of Holy Week due to the special relationship between the city and the sea. More than 30 brotherhoods, fraternities and corporations participate in this religious festival. Among the steps that parade in the processions, the one with the image of Veronica, by Mariano Benlliure, stands out. The images of each of the Brotherhoods are joined by other "living" images such as those of the neighbours dressed as biblical characters and who parade accompanied by the ringing of bells and music.

On Good Friday the Holy Burial is celebrated, an act full of silence and recollection. On Easter Sunday and Monday it is common for families to go to the old riverbed to eat typical products such as monas (hornazos with boiled eggs). In addition, on Easter Sunday the traditional ceremony of Encounter of Christ with his Mother takes place, at which time doves and flower petals are released.

Beyond the religious and solemn festivity, Valencia can also be the ideal destination if you want to enjoy a holiday with children. Reserve a few hours to go to theme parks or large zoos such as Bioparc or the Oceanografic, which also include activities for children. Another attraction of Almussafes is the impressive Albufera Natural Park. This huge natural park, characterized by its ecosystem based on wetlands and rice fields, is one of the main attractions of the region and becomes a must-see for any tourist.

Dress up your getaway to Valencia with magic

If for some reason you are fascinated by magic, you are in luck since the Valencian Association of Illusionism (AVI) has chosen Almussafes town to host the next edition of the National Magic Congress, an event during which the Spanish Championship will also take place of Magic and will coincide with the celebration of the XXVIII International Meeting of Magicians. The 'Almussafes Màgic' receives in this way excellent news that also implies an explicit recognition of the quality and the enormous effort made for more than two decades to place this artistic discipline in a leading role.

The XXVIII International Meeting of Magicians and the XXXVII National Magic Congress that will be held in the Valencian town of Almussafes expect the presence of artists such as Idiomagos, Marko, Bruno Tarnecci or Mag Lari, among others.

If you want to enjoy all this experience at Hotel Bartos, located in Almussafes, you will find the rest you need for these days and to be with your family and/or partner. Its location is perfect to reach any of your favourite destinations as well as to quickly enter or leave the city. Choose a room, make your reservation and experience the Valencian Holy Week. Passion and faith near the sea!